Jill Blackmore Evans

While working on content and social at the website builder platform Format, I was involved in a wide range of projects, from social media management to content marketing to brand partnerships. I was able to assist in art direction of various marketing projects, notably a series of landing pages showcasing Format customers. I also curated Format's Instagram account. Here you can find some examples of my curatorial work while at Format. 


I managed Format's Instagram account @useformat from 2016 to 2018. In this time I was able to grow the account from around 4,000 followers to over 16,000. 

I engaged with the Format community to grow the Instagram in numerous ways, for example encouraging people to use the hashtag #useformat to be included in a weekend feature. The hashtag has been used almost 60,000 times to date. 

I was responsible for curation of the account as well as community management, responding to questions and comments and engaging actively with Instagram's art and photography communities. 

Below are a few examples of my curation work for @useformat. Highlighting a wide range of work by photographers and artists from around the world, @useformat aimed to demonstrate the diversity and creativity of Format users. 

Landing Pages

I assisted in art direction of various landing pages by selecting featured Format users. One example is the Featured Customers page, which showcased some outstanding creators using the Format product. 

Below are a few landing pages which I assisted on; screenshots show the curation work I did. 

Stock Photography

As part of a partnership we did with the free stock photo platform Pexels in 2018, I created a Format account on the platform to showcase some brand images. I curated the images uploaded, and art directed a brief in-office shoot to produce additional brand images. 

Format's Pexels photos have now been viewed almost 4 million times and downloaded over 16,000 times. 

I also assisted in curating images for a contest we ran with Pexels, themed around the creative process.


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